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Trucking - For Everyone

A modern, active and exciting Virtual Trucking Company tailored to the needs of our community.

Why us?

Daily Convoys. We ensure that Lightning hosts or attends at least one convoy everyday. 

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Develop and utilise your leadership skills in a range of staff roles. Staff positions are regularly available!

You will be part of a community like you, who are passionate about trucking!

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Our Driver Ranking system ensures you're never left without a goal to reach! Our Driver Of The Month scheme ensures that our best drivers are recognised! 

Our purpose-built VTC BOT ensures that you have access to Simulation Radio!

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Our Low activity requirements give our drivers the balance they need!

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We offer both ATS and ETS2 and ensure our convoy provision covers both games.

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Our customised Drivers Hub and Job Logger ensure that your jobs and hard work can be acknowledged and celebrated!

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Lightning Logistics was founded upon two basic principles, professionalism and enjoyment. We believe that these characteristics can go hand in hand and we have made this our mission.

With over 100 drivers and almost 500 discord members, Lightning Logistics aim to make trucking as accessible as possible. Our robust and fun-packed events schedule brings regular private, public and external events for everyone.



Chief Executive Officer



Chief Operations Officer

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Managing Director



Managing Director


When I joined Lightning Logistics, I didn't have any idea  how a VTC worked. The whole process behind blew my mind, however I soon became became part of the media and events team. The staff and drivers are incredibly lovely and helpful when needed! Lightning Logistics has given me the opportunity to learn from my mistakes, cooperate with others and work as a team! I'm delighted to be here and hope the future of the VTC keeps going awesome!

ITZNiohe - Assistant Event Manager

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