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About Us...

A Verified Virtual Trucking Company tailored to the needs of our community.

You're more than just a number!


Lightning Logistics was founded upon two basic principles, professionalism and enjoyment. We believe that these characteristics can go hand in hand and we have made this our mission. With over 130 drivers and almost 500 discord members, Lightning Logistics aim to make trucking as accessible as possible. Our robust and fun-packed events schedule brings regular private, public and external events for everyone.

We are FAIR. Our 'lead by example' approach ensures that each member of Lightning, no matter their authority or status is bound by the VTC rules and requirements that we have in place. We strive to make Lightning fair and consistent and will work tirelessly to ensure this.  

We are PROFFESSIONAL. Our robust driving examination system ensures that every member who joins our team is able to drive at a relatively high standard. We strive to be a professional Virtual Trucking Company and we use our examination system to ensure that our professional status is maintained for our existing drivers. 

We are ACTIVE. We ensure that Lightning attends or hosts at least one convoy every day. This is equivalent to thirty convoys per month. 

We value each and every member of our team. Every Lightning Logistics member plays their part in our success story and we ensure that we recognise this regularly. Lightning is a team-effort to ensure that we can keep Trucking, For Everyone!

Lightning Logistics - Trucking, for everyone! 

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