About Us...

We are a new VTC set up by two friends after bad experiences with other strict VTC's. Our main aim is to provide a relaxed community of which drivers and public alike, can relax and have fun while meeting other players with similar hobbies and interests to them. We have created, and continue to create, a chilled and stress-free community with the sole focus on enjoyment. 

We also offer the personal touch that many other VTC's can't, that's why we ensure that every member of our management team engage with our driver and public community as we believe that treating drivers as human, is the way that a VTC should be run. We also believe in equality, that's why we make sure that every member of our management team fulfils their monthly requirements because after all, we lead by example.

At Lightning, you're more than just a number, so our smaller activity requirements, allows you to drive when you want as well as maintaining a healthy gaming and personal life balance.

Finally, at Lightning, we believe in professional development. That's why we offer staff training courses as well as experience in roles such as Event Manager, and Driver Manager. Of course, other than CEO, no role is out of your reach, anything is possible! 

Lightning Logistics - Trucking, for everyone! 

Our incredibly diverse community is open to everyone and we provide fair and equal opportunities. We specialise in all aspects of a VTC so we definitely have something for you!